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Tokenomics & Roadmap

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Total Supply: 5 trillion (5,000,000,000,000)

No Transaction Fees: Built on the Binance Smartchain Network, Trendsy Token has 0 transaction fees. BSC has extremely low network fees in general and is designed to provide a high-performance digital infrastructure capable off supporting several DeFi products and services in tandem.

Pre-Audited Code: The Trendsy token also bolsters Pre-Audited Code, an important component of any crypto project that gives stakeholders reassurance about the security and
integrity of the token’s code and network.

Smart Contract Security Audit performed: We had a Comprehensive Audit done by Soken. This shows that our project security levels are in good standing. The audit done by Soken focused on four main areas: Project Analysis, Analysis of the smart contract, Unit Testing and Automated Testing.

Full Transparency: The Trendsy smart contract is easily viewable on BSC Scan, making it easier than ever for anyone to view Trendsy’s BscScan profile, transfer history, and other important information.

Verified Ownership: The founder has verified ownership of the smart contract address with the Binance Smart Chain address used to create the smart contract and then linked the contract address to the owner’s BscScan account.

The founder used the signed message by the deployer/contract owner which is a security step
BSC added to ensure only the owner/creator of a contract address can update the token information of the contract they deploy. This means no one else can update the token information on BscScan which gives the Trendsy team control over what’s being shared with investors. This means more consistency, accountability and more importantly transparency. The project has a strong & experienced team in finance, web engineering & blockchain technology. OUR TEAM IS NOT ANONYMOUS. All core team members names, roles & LinkedIn profiles are published on the website.

Token Listing & Liquidity

Trendsy is listed on most decentralized exchanges (DEX), including the following:
● Pancakeswap
● Bogged.Finance
● JulSwap
● BurgerSwap
● Narwhalswap
● Dex.Guru

We also submitted applications to be listed on Centralized exchanges (CEX) such as BitMart.

Pancakeswap currently has the most liquidity available. You can also buy Trendsy Token directly from The team is working hard to expand the current list of DEXs and CEXs listing TRNDZ, as well as attaining listings on CoinMarket Cap, CoinGecko, etc. 0 Transaction Fees: 0 fees to transfer Trendsy, only the low BSC network fees may apply.

4th Quarter
Trendsy Token Launch
Trendsy Contract Verified, Private Sale Begins

● Token Created and launched
● Private Sale Started
● Liquidity Provided
● Liquidity Locked
● Token audited
● Application submission to Centralized Exchange (BitMart, Kucoin and BitStamp)

1st Quarter, 2022
Trendsy Public Sale Begins
Trendsy Token Public Sale Launch
1st Quarter, 2022
● Public Sale Launch
● Trendsy Crypto Litter News – IG and Discord promotion
● Trendsy Token Discord Launch
● Twitter, YouTube, TikTok Promotions w/crypto influencers
● IG promotions with Celebrities and IG influencers
● Clothing Line Launch
● P2PB2B Centralized Exchange Listing
2nd Quarter, 2022
Trendsy P2E Game & NFTS Launch
Trendsy P2E Game & NFTS Launch
● Trendsy NFTs Launch
● Trendsy CTPs (Crypto Traded Pools) launch
● Trendsy Takeoff ‘Play-To-Earn’ Video Game Launch
3rd Quarter, 2022
Trendsy Metaverse Fashion Show
Trendsy Metaverse Fashion Show
Trendsy Fashion

Trendsy hits new milestone by launching Metaverse Fashion Show