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About Trendsy

Trendsy Fashion
Trendsy Fashion

● Name: Trendsy Token
● Symbol: $TRNDZ
● Smart Contract Address: 0xBD8ccac4bD523Cb2FDB34876De2f596dBF75885e
● Network: BSC Network
● Total Supply: 5 trillion (5,000,000,000,000)
● Total fixed supply: No minting means no inflation
● Burn Functionality Integrated
● 0 Transaction Fees:
● Team Fully Doxed

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The Trendsy Mission

The launch of Trendsy Token (Symbol: $TRNDZ) marks the project’s initial introduction to the crypto community, and will be used as a platform to inform about the Trendsy ™ project and introduce the exciting range of Trendsy ™ products to come. Additionally, the launch of our Website, News Feed and Social Media pages provides an initial, multi-media glimpse of the project’s unique aesthetic, which will be featured in official Trendsy ™ content and creative designs. These designs will be incorporated into the NFTs and our Clothing Line coming up in H1, 2022. Our clothing line will include Trendsy ™ Hats, T-shirts and Sweaters.

Next, introducing a Play-To-Earn Model seems to be the logical next milestone in our roadmap. We want to provide different options for our community members to keep them engaged as well as add utility to our token. With that, Trendsy Play-To-Earn will be in the form of an online game called Trendsy Take-Off.

Lastly, a new product we call Crypto Traded Pools (CTPs). CTPs will provide vehicles by which crypto investors can gain exposure to curated pools of cryptocurrencies.

Trendsy Fashion

Being at the forefront of the “Art of Crypto,” the Trendsy clothing line is a fashion statement for crypto lovers. We believe in personal style, and a means of self expression through crypto fashion. Hip and Trendy, the Trendsy clothing brand consisting of T-shirt’s, sweaters, hats and much more will be sold online, in stores and on the Metaverse. It’s almost time, sit tight and fashion trends will be shared with you very soon.

Trendsy Products

TRENDSY ™ ($TRNDZ) TOKEN Is Now Available On Centralized & Decentralized Exchanges

Trendsy Crypto Litter – Crypto News & Market Trends

Trendsy Clothing, Gear & Accessories

Trendsy “Play To Earn” Crypto Game – Coming Soon

Trendsy NFTs – Coming soon

Trendsy CTPs (Crypto Traded Pools)- Coming Soon

Why Trendsy Token?

Trend: a general direction in which something is developing or changing. We want to be on the forefront of change. We want to be ahead of the trend. Thus the name Trendsy – We think it’s catchy, edgy and techy. We want to make the name ”Trendsy” a household name – building our hub in the blockchain world and keeping our roots steeped into culture (Thus the meaning of our logo). We want to bridge the gap between Crypto and other endeavors. Crypto is becoming more and more popular – it is here to stay! So we want to find a way to get Crypto lovers and the intellectually curious alike to be informed on trendy things in the Crypto space and beyond. Namely Financial Markets, Culture and Fashion. One simple problem Trendsy solves for is that people now have one source of information that’s more like a one stop shop. Searching for Crypto related information doesn’t have to be siloed from everything else. There is no need to go to Crypto specific sites, then look at pop culture sites, then look at fashion sites, then look at news sites.. You get the point.. No need to try and look at hundreds of coins to figure out what’s trending. You just need to go to the Trendsy network and you’ll get all the information you need.